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Digital Playgrounds workshop

DIGITAL PLAYGROUNDS AR WORKSHOP | 2018 Blank Space is a creative space in the heart of Oslo that has a gallery, holds workshops, classes, film viewings etc. Liz Ramsey, the director at Blank Space, and I have had discussed the idea of doing something fun that involved art and technology for a while. I got…
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VR in architecture exhibitions

VR WORKSHOP | 2017 The project VR in Architecture Exhibitions, a part of the University of Oslo’s Mediascapes project, explores VR technology as a communication tool for digital architecture. This project takes Atelier Oslo’s Kroppsrom as a starting point, and explores ways of inhabiting this space virtually. I got invited to give a lecture on…
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Alone and together

ALONE AND TOGETHER | 2015 I facilitated an illustration workshop for a group of third-graders from the “Alone and Together” project. In this project the students learned what music is and what it could be around the theme “Being Alone and Together”. They explored instruments, music and sound through various workshops and activities concluding with…
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Building blocks

CO-DESIGN | 2012 As part of my MA I ran a workshop centered on design process. I got my MA class to help me out and together, we designed a situation, product or service. The first stage was to choose 3 words from the categories in a board, blindfolded, then in teams we would sketch/brainstorm…
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PLAY WORKSHOP | 2012 & 2013 Play can change behavior for the better. It can bring the extraordinary out of the everyday and we can gain new perspectives from the world around us. Play can help us think in a different way, and as designers, come to better creative solutions. I was invited to give…
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CIRCLES | 2013 I held a workshop on holistic mapping with MA music students at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) in the Autumn of 2013. The workshop involved mapping different elements in their practice along two circles (one positive and one negative) and finding relationships between these elements. Then, we linked the negative or…