I’m Rosa Hernández, an interaction designer passionate about creating magical, engaging experiences.

I find it magical to create and see change as I create. I like exploring this moment of creation through interaction, design and technology both in digital and physical spaces. I also enjoy working on projects where I can combine my design skills with conceptual and critical thinking.

I am into interaction design in physical spaces, AR, VR, and play.

My work has been awarded Gold at Visuelt and at HOW Interactive Design Awards, exhibited at DogA, the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and Beyond Risør and has appeared on The Huffington Post, Altaposten and NRK.

I hold a Master’s in Design from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts. I’m a member of both the Interaction Design Association and Service Design Network.

You can check out my Linked-In profile here.

stereoscopica - rosa hernandez