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Luminous Forest installation process


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 1.47.31 PM

This installation blends analog (an overhead projector and shadows created on it) and digital (the capture of the image from the projector and projecting it in the opposing wall).

The result is an immersive installation where you can play with the light and shadows on the space surrounded by this luminous forest, while someone else plays with your shadow, but from the overhead projector, enhancing the shadows there and making them big enough to chase you (for instance) on the “luminous forest” space.

We played around with mirrors and their reflection (even with a mirror ball!) but decided to keep it more simple and use just the reflection from the overhead projector instead.

Here are some process images of the making of Luminous Forest.

forest_process_2 forest_process_3forest_process_4forest_process_5forest_process_6forest_process_7forest_process_8forest_process_9

Testing out reflections:

forest_process_10forest_process_11forest_process_12 forest_process_13 forest_process_14 forest_process_15 forest_process_16 forest_process_17 forest_process_18 forest_process_19 forest_process_20

And here are some test images…

forest_process_21 forest_process_22 forest_process_23

…and the final result.

forest_process_24forest_process_25forest_process_26forest_process_27 forest_process_28

*I’d love to explore this idea further, and have a camera track in real time the overhead projector shapes and project that onto the adjacent 2 walls in real-time.

In collaboration with Annelise Bothner-By.

Here are more images of the installation in its final form.

Below is a video of me setting up the forest cut-outs on the overhead projector.

firma 2




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