RGBME Process



Curious about light, color and shadows together with Birgitte and Annelise, we decided to explore our movement with additive light. We used photo filters in red, green and blue paired with spotlights to create our sources of “colored light!. We then directed them towards a white wall, and by adding these RGB lights we got the color white in the center of the light beams on the wall.

When standing there, colorful shadows appear and we got an instant analog interactive installation. Although I have seen this effect in museums (Teknisk Museet in Oslo, for instance) it never gets old. There is something about the diffuse quality of the light that gives it a nice atmospheric effect. I love how we got to explore our movements with the colored shadows, and lost track of time while playing with our own colored shadows.

Below are images of the process.

rgbme_process_2rgbme_process_3rgbme_process_4rgbme_process_5rgbme_process_6rgbme_process_7Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 1.13.54 PMrgbme_process_9rgbme_process_10


Here are the final images, and you can find a test film below.


firma 2





rosa hernandez stereoscopica


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