Infinity I installation design process


In order to test out colored light and reflections, Annelise, Birgitte (research fellows at Oslo National Academy of the Arts) and myself created a model for an installation. We experimented first with colored mirrors and reflections. To do so, we placed colored acetates (photography filters) on top of circular mirrors. We used spotlights to direct the light and play with the mirrors’ position. The filters were RGB so we had quite some nice shadows and reflections.


Then we set up a small space where we made the model and placed a figurine in the center. Afterwards we placed mirrors around it and the result was not only rgb (and complimentary color shadows) but also an infinity of these seen on the mirrors!


It was quite a fun project and it was great to see the possibilities of an engaging art piece or installation using analog modes of production.

Looking forward to creating a full-scale version of this!

You can read more about this project on my website here.

firma 2





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