Holistic mapping workshop


In the Autumn of 2013 I  gave a Holistic Mapping workshop at the Norwegian Academy of Music (NMH) in Oslo. The students at NMH have a creative laboratory seminar every week, in which invited artists, designers, and creatives come to explore creativity and find new ways of looking into their practice.

This time, I facilitated a holistic mapping workshop: mapping different elements in a situation, and tried to find relationships between these elements.

We did a vicious circle/virtuous circle exercise, in which in the first circle, students mapped out all the elements in a situation in a positive light. In this case, it was everything that the students loved about their practice. Then, they mapped out the relationships within these elements.

The next circle, the vicious circle, was about mapping everything that was challenging, difficult and disliked in their practice. The, we tried to turn the vicious circle into a virtuous one, pointing out new perspectives, unexplored relationships and different possibilities within their practice. The students found new insights in this process and I was glad to be a part of that using design thinking tools in their music practice.


*In collaboration with Maziar Raein, kindly invited by Kjell-Tore Innervik, head of the MA at NMH.

You can check out this workshop also in my website here.

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