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Writing Exercise

As designers, we need to be good communicators. Even if writing isn’t something that is formally taught at Art School, using writing as a tool to communicate compliments our work. Through writing, we can create scenarios where people and things interact, and detect design issues and further develop solutions. We were asked to find 5 situations (whether it is going to the local café, or looking at people struggle with the door handle) and observe, describe and explain them. It sounds very easy to do, but in reality, it was hard to keep assumptions and interpretations aside, and focus on how these situations arise and why are they interesting.

Some tips we were given about writing concisely were:

1. Stay on Message

2. Say it clearly once

3. Use plain language

4. Say it simply

5. Show, don’t say (complimenting writing with images)

6. Write in the Active Voice

And about writing concisely… Here is a cool website that collects people’s stories in six words:

I remember a short story Hemingway wrote in just six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn”.

A little can say a lot.

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