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The End of Hardware

As Rolf R. Hainich predicted in his book The End of Hardware (my review of the same coming soon), one day we will no longer need a computer, or a tablet, or a screen to augment our reality, to enhance what we see (use apps, for instance) or to connect with others.

Well, that day has come. Google’s Project Glass has given us a hands-free interface: a Terminator vision in the form of Augmented Reality Glasses.

It is a concept that has been coming for a long time, and that first hand, looks pretty cool. However, I can’t help but wonder that perhaps, now, we will look at someone and pretend to follow a conversation when in truth our attention is at our dashboard in our eye’s periphery. And, do we really just talk to ourselves in the future, like this demo shows?

Which brings me to this TED talk by Sherry Turkle, author of Alone together: why we expect more from technology and less by each other.

The key here is self-reflection, and to use technology to become better people.

Exciting times, nonetheless.

Sherry’s TED Talk here.


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