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Qualities of Play

Play does not look for consistency but for creativity/possibility

Play is obsessive and all ecompassing

Play is opportunistic

Play is divergent

Play works in contradiction to active time (consumer time)

Play is a signaling tool

Play suggests what if

Play suggests as if

Play is substitutive

Play is not contingent upon time allocation

Play is not linear

Play is exploratory

Play is diverse

Play is notional

Play is a form of rehearsal

Play is projective

Play is empowering

Play can be divergent and convergent

Play has shifting terms of reference

Play is fun and fulfilling

Learning can be playful (except at school) 🙂

Learning through play can lead to tacit knowledge

Play is not efficiency oriented

Play accounts for inconsistency

Play is pleasure oriented

Hence, play is (fully) absorbing

Play is distractive

Play is imaginative

Play is multi-directional

Play communicates a sense of freedom from the restriction of time

Objectives can be diverted through play

Play is self aware but not self consious

Play is/or can be repetitive, as it tries to recapture the pleasure of the first experience

Play is pleasure orienteated

Play is not goal orientated

Play can be repetitious

Play is adaptive

Play is adoptive

Play does not necessarily seek symmetry or tidiness

Play is instructional

Play is educational

Play can be serious

*from Maziar Raein based on Steps to an Ecology of Mind: Gregory Bateson, A theory of Play and Fantasy.


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