A New Dimension


Bjørn Jørund

On our Thursday sessions at KHiO we had Bjørn Jørund as a guest. Not an interview per se, but better than that, a show and tell. We had him over to chat about his project while he was an MA student at KHIO a couple years back, and talk about his work and inspiration.

The talk we had with him was very insightful, because he showed a lot, a lot of process in his theme and what interested him: re-thinking storage space and going back to its core, and then, re-define a parameter that has not been yet explored. In his case, it was depth, and his motif was the basic storage  shape: the cube.

He also converted language (prepositions) into a form. I have never noticed that prepositions are navigational until he pointed it out. They do guide where we go and how are we situated. And the link he made between language as shaping our reality and the minimum required for storage is a link that I think is very interesting for the development of his work, and just because it makes so much sense.

Bjørn’s cube is a bold sentence, and his shelf, a paragraph.

Looking back at the core idea behind storage and the minimum required for it, is digging up in the past, tracing back the steps and arriving at the purpose of it. When doing this, we can find the parameters that defined that which we are looking for, and then, explore a new one, go in a different direction than that of everyone else. In Bjørn’s case is depth, and this way of looking back is something I am doing for my own project: digging out why on Earth when thinking of Augmented Reality we think of a marker: a black square inside a white one.

There has to be an unexplored path, a new parameter, or perhaps redefining the settings can lead us to this type of discovery.

It was very clear to me that you have to take a step back to move forward.


Going back: Nicolas Grollier de Servière. French inventor, here with his reading wheel. 



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