I was part of the team that designed and developed three interactive installations for the National Medicine Museum’s new permanent exhibition “Life and Death” (Liv og Død) which can be experienced at Teknisk Museum in Oslo. The aim of the exhibition is to ask questions about the role of medicine and health in the past, now in the present and in the future.

The “Arm” installation uses projection mapping and a motion sensor so that visitors can explore muscles, nerves and veins in their arm.

In the “Vision” installation, you can turn a physical wheel and see different types of vision: color blindness, cataract vision and night vision in animals, for example.

In the “Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)” installation, visitors can learn what to do when they are in an emergency that needs CPR. The installation focuses on the compression part of CPR, and the visitors are put in a scenario where they have to give compressions to a training manikin. Visitors can see the status of CPR on the screen along the way. When the “ambulance arrives” to help further in the scenario, they can see the result of their CPR effort.

I worked on the concept and design for the “Vision” and “CPR” installations.


Developed by: Logic Interactive
Client: Norsk Teknisk Museum / Nasjonalt medisinsk museum

My role: concept development, user experience, user interface design, 3D visualizations, video editing.

Arm installation:

CPR installation visualizations:

CPR installation:

Vision installation visualizations:

Vision installation:

Museum of the Viking Age prototype