The Viking Ship Museum is part of the Museum of Cultural History (KHM) at the University in Oslo (Uio). A new Museum of the Viking Age will now be built in conjunction with the existing Viking Ship Museum. The new museum’s overall concept is “A Changing World”, where the exhibition will emphasize on diversity, telling stories about life, culture and society in the Viking era based on an “up close” narrative approach.

I was part of the team that developed an infostation prototype for an “icon path” that will highlight the most important objects in the exhibition in a chronological way.

The idea for the infostations is for them to be placed next to these important objects/icons, telling different stories about the vikings. In each story, visitors can learn more about the vikings’ culture and “come up close” each story by exploring the object in an interactive 3D model. The infostations also show a “behind the scenes” look into these objects’ 3D scanning process, as well as images and videos.

This prototype was developed and tested in 2021. The objects and the icon path in its final form can be experienced when the Museum of the Viking age opens in 2026.


Developed by Logic Interactive
Client: Vikingship Museum, The Museum of the Viking Age (Vikingskipshuset, Vikingtidsmuseet).

Content including 3D scans: Vikingship Museum/Kulturhistorisk Museum

My role: user experience, user interface design and 3D visualizations.


UX flow and some wireframes:

Work in progress and testing:

Final design:

Life and Death