Kodebordet, or “The Coding table” is an interactive installation aimed to teach kids the basic principles behind programming.

Players use programming blocks in order to solve tasks in a smart-house or smart city. They can place these blocks in the correct order on the “work screen” in the installation, while seeing the result on the main screen in the middle. Players get hints along the way, and points for each correct task in each level: noob, junior or pro (the most advanced level).

The programming blocks’ color and function in this installation are based on the Scratch programming language which is used by kids at school, in order to have continuity in concepts they are being taught already.

There is a single player or multiplayer mode (competing with someone else on the adjacent “work screen”).

Read more about the logo design and the “how-to” video for this installation.


Developed by Logic Interactive.

Client: Inspiria Science Center.

My role: Lead designer and concept developer.

I worked on the gameplay and user experience for this multiplayer interactive installation. I also created the design for each level, designed the “smart city” and “smart house” as well as the user interface for the game and score.

3D visualization:

Physical interactive installation ready:

Idle screen:

Choose level:

“How-to” screen (short video explanation):

Level 1:

Tasks from other levels:

Score (per level):

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