An interactive wall with different games based on Alf Prøysen’s characters and stories.

A sensor makes the wall into a touch-sensitive surface. Visitors can throw balls or in this case, prop strawberries, to the wall in order to play the game.

On the first level, Mrs. Pepperpot (Teskjekjerringa) has began doing the dishes. Burst the bubbles to get points and help her. On the next level you are Mrs. Pepperpot and have shrinked to the size of a teaspoon, floating in the sink with soap and dishes. Hit the dishes in order to climb and escape!

On the next adventure, you have to help Mrs. Pepperpot collect berries in the forest. But look out! There is a hungry bear that you have to feed first. On the next level try to gather as many berries as possible.

This interactive installation has two other games. In the Sirkus Mikkeliski game you have to free the forest animals, burst the balloons or catch nuts for the squirrel Nøttelilten. You can paint some of your favourite Prøysen’s characters in the painting game.

This project as a whole was realised in close collaboration with Sandnes Media and Prøysenhuset.


Developed by Logic Interactive.

Client: Prøysenhuset.

My role: Designer and concept developer.

I worked on the game-play and user experience for the Mrs. Pepperpot game. I did the background art and designed the elements on each level, making sure that the visuals resembled the illustration style in Prøysen’s children’s books. I also selected the sound effects and made small animations for this game.

HydroHero UX design