I/O | 2022

I/O is Teknisk Museum’s interactive exhibition driven by artificial intelligence (AI). This 1200 sq meter exhibition extends over the entire fourth floor, and plays with the audience and changes over time.

Visitors log into the exhibition’s AI using an ID-token that can be found at the entrance. They can create their own profile (and avatar) in the Connect zone by answering some questions, getting their mood and age guessed by the AI, and swipe left or right “matching” exhibited objects with each other.

I/O gives the visitor a recommended trail to follow based on their profile. Visitors can then rate the items they explore and get an updated trail based on what they like! This leaves behind anonymous data that forms the basis of the experience they will later get in the “Reaktor” (React).

There are also standalone interactive installations and artwork in the exhibition.

When the trail is done, visitors can disconnect their ID-token in the Disconnect zone and see how their avatar lives on in the “aquarium” by the wall if they choose to do so.

This project gives a solution in how artificial intelligence can be used to make museums more dynamic and engaging for the public.

I made short animations for the question part of the Connect zone when visitors create their profile. The animations are based on the exhibition’s concept of “Reaction” playing with dichotomies like input/output, zero/one, human/machine.

Find out more on I/O’s website.


Developed by Logic Interactive (back-end, programming and UI design of Connect, Collect and Disconnect zones)

Exhibition concept and visual identity: Snøhetta

Client: Teknisk Museum

My role: motion design, digital design

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Oslo fjord Visitor Center