Located in the historic Karljohansvern building in Horten, The Oslo Fjord Visitor Center (Besøkssenter Oslofjorden) is a knowledge center communicating the Oslo fjord’s main challenges as well as its history, diversity and initiatives looking for solutions, in order to increase people’s ability and desire to take care of the Oslo fjord.

The exhibition concept takes the historic building into account, and is based on a modular system where all the elements are mounted on wood cases along the wall —without touching the protected walls of the building. This system creates a flexible solution where boards and other elements can be taken in and out of the cases, allowing the content to be updated in a simple way. The visual design follows the profile of Norway’s national parks.

Visitors can explore the exhibition through various stories: The Oslo fjord is sick, Healthy Oslo fjord, Diversity in the fjord and Tourist Pearls. They can also participate in different activities at the back of the room in the “Action zone”.

A series of analogue and digital interactive experiences invite the public to find out more about the Oslo fjord, and be inspired and challenged. An example is the game “Emergency Room”, where the public can explore the status of the Oslo fjord as it stands today, and nurse it back to health by choosing the right measures.

You can find more information about the Oslo Fjord Visitor Center here!


Developed by Logic Interactive
In collaboration with Inspiria Science Center, Kongsberg Maritim and Bastø Fosen

Client: Inspiria Science Center

My role: exhibition concept development, 3D visualizations, art direction, interaction and digital design

Emergency Room game Oslo fjord