DEMOS KRATOS | 2021-2022

Demos Kratos is a role-playing game about democracy and authoritarianism. Users choose a character and respond to a series of situations from the characters’ perspective, while trying to either keep democracy in balance, or destabilize it completely. You can play as prime minister, student, journalist or fascist. The purpose of the game is to make the visitors reflect on difficult choices and nuanced situations that can threaten democracy, as well as spark conversations around these themes in a contemporary context.

This game is part of the exhibition at the bunker in Oslo Handelsgymnasium.


Developed by Logic Interactive, under commision from Zest AS
Text: Oslo Handelsgymnasium

Client: Zest AS/Oslo Handelsgymnasium

My role: interaction design, user interface, digital design, character design

Interface and digital design:

Character design:

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