The Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen) wanted some new, fresh interactive installations for their Science Center in Oslo. The user group was the general public, from kids to the elderly; people that might have been close to the disease in one way or another -or not.

The main focus in these installations was to understand the cancer treatments at their basic level, leaving visitors with 2-3 pieces of information about each. It was also important to activate people with engaging, physical interaction, bringing life to the Science Center.

The Treatments installations focus on a different type of cancer treatment each. The DNA installation focuses on targeted therapy: find the mutation on the DNA, choose the right medicine for the mutation and see its effect!

In the chemotherapy station you can mix the correct medicine for the patient choosing the correct colour mix and dose according to the patient’s height and weight.

In the “Guardians of the Cells” game you kickstart the immune system, and then find the cancer cells that try to trick the body into thinking they are healthy. In the next level it’s full-on battle against the cancer cells.

The radiation installation shows how important it is to stay still when undergoing radiotherapy, in order not to hit and harm the healthy tissue around the affected area. The installation challenges you to stand as still as possible on the board while looking at the mirror.

There is an info-station providing in-depth information about the different types of cancer treatment, as well as information on latest research.

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Developed by Logic Interactive.

Client: The Norwegian Cancer Society (Kreftforeningen).

My role: Lead designer and art director/concept developer.

I worked on the concept development of these installations. I was also the only designer in this project creating the look-and-feel of these new installations, visualizations, motion graphics, scenography and graphic design, character design, game-design, user interfaces, user experience and game-play.

Close collaboration with the client and the reference group was essential in order to get the main points about cancer treatment across. I worked closely with a great team of developers, sound designers and interior architects -both onsite and remote- during the whole process.

"Treatments" installations visualization/concept.

“Guardians of the cells” immunotherapy installation:

Radiotherapy installation:

Chemotherapy installation:

Targeted therapy installation:

In-depth info-station:

Digital Playgrounds AR exhibition
“Treatments” how-to