Guardians of the Cells is an interactive game that communicates the basic principles of immunotherapy in an engaging, physical way. A lidar sensor makes the wall a touch-sensitive surface. Players throw balls at the wall to interact. Each level represents a main stage in immunotherapy: kickstart the immune system, find the sneaky cancer cells that disguise themselves as healthy cells, and then go to battle against them. On the last level, you get help from patroling T-cells. There is a flashing immune system life-booster.

At the end of the game you can check out your own score, as well as the day’s highest score. The game supports two languages (Norwegian and English). You hit a button on the side of the wall to change between the two.

This interactive game is part of the “Treatments” installations at The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Science Center (Kreftforeningens Vitensenter).


Developed by Logic Interactive.

Client: The Norwegian Cancer Society’s Science Center (Kreftforeningens Vitensenter).

My role: concept development, digital design, logo design, character design, user interface, user experience, game-play.

Developer: Ondrej Prucha.

Sound design: Isak Emberland.

In close collaboration with The Norwegian Cancer Society and the reference group in the “Treatments” installations project.

Design idle mode.
Design/concept art Level 1.
Design/concept art Level 2.

Still images while playing the game :

*The black masks on the top are there because we needed to mask-out the construction beams on the ceiling.

Advertising shown around Oslo promoting the game and the “Treatments” installations:

DNA zoom
Kodebordet how-to