An installation with digital and analog elements about the Oslo fiord. Frisk Oslofjord (healthy Oslo fiord), a research project in Norway, wanted an installation where visitors could learn and engage with their research on the Oslo fiord. Portability, mobility and robustness were requirements for the design, as well as having digital and analog elements that would engage visitors; from toddlers to adults.

The result is a set of 2 traveling installations that tour different sites (East and West coasts).

Each installation consists of a digital quiz, a tic-tac-toe game made of wooden blocks and an “underwater window” where visitors can choose different underwater clips. There is also an interactive display where people can explore findings from the fiords’ depths, finding techniques and an interactive map. And last is the interactive game “Who Eats Whom?” (Hvem Spiser Hvem), a game about the food network in the Oslofjord.


Designed and developed by Logic Interactive.

Client: Inspiria Science Center/Frisk Oslofjord.

My role: concept, 3D visualizations, graphic and exhibition design, interaction design, level design, UI, UX.

3D visualization: installation for Færder Nasjonalpark visitor center
Minimart eco-cards
Who Eats Whom?