WHO EATS WHOM? | 2020-2021

Who Eats Whom? (Hvem Spiser Hvem?) is an interactive game about the food chain in the Oslo fiord as part of the Frisk Oslofjord’s installations.

Guess what the cod fish eats! Is it the little fish over there? Or some seaweed? Or the plastic bag floating in the fiord?

The game is made up of 3 levels, where players get points by finding out what the “highlighted” species eats (for instance, cod in level 1). After completing each level, players get some information about the food the species eats and some challenges these face in the Oslo fiord.

There’s a scoreboard in the end showing the total points and how the player is ranked against the other Frisk Oslofjord installation.


Designed and developed by Logic Interactive.

Client: Inspiria Science Center/Frisk Oslofjord.

My role: concept developer, game and interaction design, 3D design, level design, UI, UX.

Made using Unreal Engine, C4D and Adobe suite.

Screen grabs of an early version of the game.

Frisk Oslofjord