PowerPark is DuVerden’s energy zone where visitors learn about energy, energy transitions and various technological principles and methods of transformation and utilization of energy, work and forces.

This zone has a “hub” at the center of the room where visitors activate a token to unlock the installations by completing a task like a quiz or a “drag and drop” challenge. Once unlocked, visitors can use the installations which give a score. The token registers the visitors’ scores from each installation over the entire zone.

Pull the ropes and see how much work you produce in the “Work and Energy” installation. How much can you lift?

Test your muscle power by cranking the pedals in the “Hydropower” installation and make it rain. Then see how electricity is generated from a hydroelectric plant. Can you beat today’s score?


Developed by Logic Interactive

Client: DuVerden Maritime Museum and Science Center

My role: exhibition design, concept development, 3D-visualizations, UX, interaction, graphic design, digital design

Design for the “hub” screens:

Visualizations showing the vision for PowerPark:

Design work-in-progress: background environment for the “work and energy” rope installation, and graphic design for the side wall

PowerPark Animations