NØKKEN VR | 2022

“Once upon a time, The Nøkken’s lily pond was safe. Then, humans arrived and threatened its domain. The Nøkken invites you to see through its eyes…”

Nøkken VR (As the lilies bloom) is a fully immersive VR experience where you are immersed in Theodor Kittelsen’s painting “The Nøkken”. You embody this mythological creature exploring a mysterious underwater lily pond. You must react as your existence in this world is threatened by man. This experience is a twist on our relationship to nature, and invites us to see the world from a different perspective.

Winner of Nordic VR Forum’s 2023 VRINN awards under the Virtual Production Category.


VR experience made by Logic Interactive
Art direction: Ellen Lande and Thomas U. Fosseli
Concept and prototype version: Ellen Lande, Thomas U. Fosseli, Hedvig Idås, og Ståle K. Martinsen
Produced by Kristian Mosvold/Substans film

Client: Substans Film

My role: user experience and interaction, environment design, character design (lumberjack), digital design (magic book and early versions of the lily)

Early version of Nøkken VR (preview version):

Character and book design work-in-progress:

Screengrabs of a later version of NøkkenVR:

NøkkenVR in game:

Winner of Nordic VR Forum’s 2023 VRINN Awards in the Virtual Production category

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