Science and research shows that human activities are the main cause behind climate change. “The Amazing Human: human-made climate change” is an interactive table at Klimahuset in Oslo that explains some of these causes in an engaging way.

This installation consists of 6 interactive zones in the form of round turntables. These turntables tell 13 different stories about human-made climate change: from greenhouse gasses in Norway, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and fracking, to dangerous feedback loops and consequences.

Visitors navigate through the content of each story by turning the turntables right or left. Text, photos and animated infographics explain each story. There is a question at the end, challenging people to think about climate change. Visitors choose the answer by turning the turntable left of right, while the timer along the edge indicates the time left to answer. The result pops-up on the table, and a flash of color and a message is displayed on the “news ticker” hanging above the installation. This news-ticker displays short yet succinct messages about the current climate situation, inviting visitors to come closer and interact with the installation, as well as displaying these important facts in the exhibition.

This interactive installation also showcases physical objects connected to the stories told, and an animation of amazing human inventions dance around a backlit model of a brain at the center.


Developed by Logic Interactive, in collaboration with Sixsides and Back.

Client: Klimahuset (The Climate House), under comission by Sixsides.

My role: concept developer, designer, animator.

I worked with creating a revised concept/redesign of this installation, adding more interactivity and a visual expression that would create a strong, memorable impression visible from the main exhibition. The main interaction was developed together with Back, while I worked further with the details and nuances of the interaction and storytelling at the level of each story/theme.

I worked with the visual design of the installation, UI and illustrations. I made the animated elements as well: the icons circling around the brain, infographics for each theme and the main background animations covering the top surface of the table (fast-moving geometrical forms reminiscent of “industry” and a moving oil spill).

Close collaboration with the client, the reference group and Sixsides was essential in order to get the correct content for the stories and make this installation feel like part of the rest of the exhibition. Collaboration with the rest of the Logic team was very important to implement the interaction, programming and set-up for the installation too.

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Klimahuset animations