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Stardust: screen tests


20130315_0287Another stage of the Stardust  process: testing out the visual language of the stars.

I took the visual references that I had researched and through the program I created, I used them as silhouettes of the participant’s bodies, in real time. This allowed me to test out the system and to decide along with participants which type of particles or stardust worked best as a visual language.

I used a screen for this test because it would be easier to judge which visual language worked best, and because I haven’t worked on the projection to the body part of the project just yet.

I also tested myself how it felt like to experience Stardust at different stages of the process. As a designer, this gave me a richer insight into what the participants were going through while experiencing the interactive system.

20130405_0172Testing out the screen-tests myself.

alphatest_1 Installation and screen capture.

alphatest_2Installation setup and screen capture.

20130315_0240 copyRealistic stars/black and white visual language.

alphatest_3Installation and screen capture.

The red particle system didn’t quite communicate “magic” or enchantment. It was fun to try nonetheless.

20130315_0205Red particle system (static image).

alphatest_4Installation, screen capture and setup. 

20130315_0074Particle system created with RuttEtra-izer.

alphatest_5Installation (left), screen capture and installation from the opposite side.

20130315_0196Particle system/point cloud.

alphatest_6Installation, screen capture and setup. 

After testing out with participants, this would be the visual language for the final installation. This type of stardust communicated “magic” and “enchantment” more so than the other examples. Instead of a static image though, it would be a particle system (real-time flocking!).


I observed people’s reactions when experiencing different stages of my project. I discovered that their inhibitions went away and that they even behaved like children, exploring how they moved and making funny gestures. This led me to think they were truly being in the moment. 


firma 2

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