Stardust: flocking II: FBO


The flocking system in Stardust was taking shape. Talking with my tutors, I learned that there was a way to work with flocking systems in a way that was easier to display in real-time than what I had. This involved using a frame buffer object, or FBO, and “place” the flocking system in it. I learned an FBO is an extension to openGL for rendering in a more flexible way. This slideshow was very helpful to grasp the concept of FBOs.

I started by studying examples in OF that had FBOs, and then build up from there.

fbotrails exampleFbo trials example in openFrameworks.

videoInFbo_exampleBuilt up on examples to place webcam feed inside an FBO.

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.31.19 PMWhile testing I noticed these weird trails instead of the boids…

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 4.31.14 PMIt turned out I needed to check that it Cleared for RGB and Alpha channels. Clear (0,0,0,0). 

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.40.47 PMAfter that, I managed to get my boids to run smoothly inside the FBO 🙂

I discussed with Joel *my progress and he mentioned he used FBO’s in his ScreenLab project. I also learned from that project (portals) how to use FBOs. Portals allows “for the mapping of horiztonal beams onto a body in real time – face, chest and crotch. The project uses a Kinect as gestural input.”

I had fun testing Portals for myself, so thanks to Joel for that awesome project!

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 3.23.51 PMPortals calibrating…

20130410_0048Full-size screen test.

20130410_0091Portals (screen interaction).

20130410_009420130410_010720130410_0124Projection mapping on the body setup. (The original project is like this).

20130410_0120Light beams on crotch, chest and eyes.

20130410_0138Participant’s view, looking down.

*Joel and Pete have been my external tutors at the MA. I was very lucky to also intern at their studio in London. Good friends and truly generous, great guys. 

firma 2

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