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Selfie room

SELFIE ROOM | 2020 A selfie room with different booths and backgrounds featuring different types of dinosaurs. One of the rooms is an upside-down bedroom with a velociraptor peering through a window. Project developed for Inspiria, alongside their Dinosauria exhibition showcasing real-size animatronic dinosaurs! Acknowledgements Developed by Logic Interactive. Client: Inspiria Science Center. My role:…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Pop-up Book

POP-UP BOOK | 2012 A magic pop-up book that comes to life at the turn of each page, in the form of animations and video, light and shadows, appearing on the book itself. I wanted to explore a new way of storytelling that was enchanting and that could tell the story of my Master’s project…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez


RGBME | 2013 I joined research fellow Annelise Bothner-By for a workshop where we could explore shadows, light and presence. An instant analog way of exploring these was by creating an installation that could play with colored shadows. This exploration led to insights about color, light and people’s presence in exhibition design. Acknowledgements In collaboration…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Luminous Forest

LUMINOUS FOREST | 2013 Luminous Forest is an installation that plays with presence and light. Colorful cut-outs create a forest when projected on a wall using an over-head projector. The same forest image is captured and projected on the adjacent wall, creating an immersive space. Interaction takes place on the over-head projector’s plate, placing objects…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez


SHADOWPLAY | 2013 An experiment in presence, space and shadows, inspired by Bruce Nauman’s Going Around the Corner piece. Shadowplay is an interactive installation that plays with our shadows, appearing on the opposite corner of where the person is, never being able to catch yourself. This project was created using projection mapping, motion sensors (multiple…