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Graphic Design Projects from Rosa Hernandez Stereoscopica

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stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Det grå fyr

DET GRÅ FYR | 2015 Graphic material for an interactive exhibition competition. I was responsible to create a document that would follow the exhibition’s concept look and feel, in this case a comic book aesthetic, and that could communicate clearly the competition’s requirements and the different stages of the exhibition. In addition, I designed a…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Borealis Alta

BOREALIS ALTA | 2017 I developed the visual identity for Borealis Alta, an interactive experience about the northern lights in Alta, Norway. The exhibition’s venue is The Northern Lights Cathedral which has a very iconic silhouette. The logo synthesizes this form and the bars that make up the cathedral’s shape also represent beams of lights…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

BI 2015

BI | 2015 Forskningsdagene – the research days- are a national, annual festival where all types of research and knowledge-based institutions are invited to showcase their business to the public. There is a different theme every year, and 2015 had food as a theme: what are we going to eat? Who should we believe? The…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Alene og Sammen

ALENE OG SAMMEN | 2015 Web design for the “Alene og Sammen” (Alone and Together) project, in which a group of third-graders learned about music and musicality around the theme “Being Alone and Together”. The students were inspired by several iconic percussion compositions and together they listened, interpreted, composed and performed through various workshops and…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Through the looking glass

THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS | 2013 I designed a book for my MA dissertation, entitled Through the Looking Glass. I found a parallel story in my own venture into unknown territories as a graphic designer exploring interaction beyond the screen, to Alice in Wonderland. This is why at the beginning of each chapter there’s a…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Casa Nueve

CASA NUEVE | 2011 I was approached by Casa Nueve to develop their visual identity. Casa Nueve is a production company based in Puebla, México. They work with documentary films, TV spots, and have recently opened an art gallery. They even opened their own restaurant in the Autumn of 2013, Galería Gastronómica Casa Nueve. I…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez


NEUROMANCER | 2013 Book cover re-design of the sci-fi classic Neuromancer by William Gibson. I played with the idea of creating a texture and pattern made from a circuit board motif. The title of the book emerges from this pattern, both for the cover and for the spine. I created paper versions (paperback), but I…