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Minimart eco-cards

MINIMART ECO-CARDS | 2020 Design for the eco-cards for the playful minimart at Vitensenter Nordland. Acknowledgements Developed by Logic Interactive. Client: Vitensenter Nordland. My role: designer.


MINIMART | 2020 A playful minimart delivered for the Science Center in Nordland. Visitors “shop” for food and get the price for each item and its C02 footprint at the cash register. The visitors “pay” for the items with an “eco-card” that has a “pre-paid” C02 amount. In this way, visitors can think about budgeting,…


HYDROPOWER INFOSTATION | 2020 A variant on the HydroHero installation, “Vannkraftverket” (hydropower) invites visitors to use the pedals in the installation to generate rain that produce electricity via a hydropower plant. To unlock this installation, visitors must place a “charged” power brick on it. To charge the power brick, visitors must first go to the…

Crane simulator installation

CRANE SIMULATOR INSTALLATION | 2020 In this installation visitors can plan the logistics of loading a cargo ship, as well as lift containers and place them using a crane simulator. Inside the cargo ship, visitors can plan the logistics of how to load it properly in order to keep it in balance. Players can choose…

HydroHero UX design

HYDROHERO | 2019 A digital interactive installation about hydropower. Use the pedals to gather clouds and make it rain, and generate electricity! Watch the rain cascade down the dam and into turbines while seeing how much electricity is generated. Visitors can play alone or compete with another player to see who generates more electricity. We…

HydroHero logo

HYDROHERO LOGO | 2019 Logo for the digital hydropower installation “HydroHero”. In this installation visitors use the pedals to make it rain and generate electricity. There is a single player and multiplayer mode. There is an arcade feel to this interactive installation both in the interaction and the visual aesthetic. The logo design reflects these…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Borealis Web

BOREALIS WEB | 2017 Working closely with our developer team, I designed the website for the interactive experience center about the northern lights, Borealis Alta. I also wrote the copy for the site in both English and Norwegian. You can check out the website here. Acknowledgements Client: BorealisAlta AS Developed by Expology.
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Borealis UI Design

BOREALIS SCREEN DESIGN | 2017 At Borealis Alta, a center about the northern lights in Alta, Norway, visitors create their own northern lights by waving or singing. In addition to these interactive installations, I worked on the user interface design of information screens in the center. Acknowledgements Client: BorealisAlta AS Developed by Expology.
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Loftet til Ana

LOFTET TIL ANA | 2014 “Loftet til Ana”, or “Ana’s Attic”, is a documentary film about Ana López Taylor, a political refugee in Norway. The documentary shows López Taylor’s life as a political prisoner in Uruguay and the hope she gained in Norway. Migration and integration are two important themes in this film. I was…