From Oars to Electric is an interactive exhibition about the technological progress in propulsion, shipping and maritime travel in Porsgrunn’s history: from the Old Iron Age to the present.

This is a varied exhibition: it has history, interactivity, sound, light and games. Learn to distinguish different types of vessels by building your own ship. Try to shovel as much coal as possible in the shortest amount of time to keep the steamboat afloat! What about shipping technology and “the green shift” in industry in Norway? Test it out!

An interactive timeline, “magical” interactive points on the wall, a boat and several interactive installations and displays are highlights in the exhibition.


Developed by Logic Interactive

Client: DuVerden Maritime Museum and Science Center

My role: concept development, interaction and digital design for the “Steam” and “Shipbuilder” installations. Motion design and visual effects for the interactive “magic” wall/timeline

Exhibition overview:

The “Steam” interactive installation: set coal in the furnace to set the steamboat in motion!

Digital design for the “Steam” installation:

“Steam” installation behind the scenes:

In the “Shipbuilder” installation visitors are challenged to place ship parts in their correct place in order to build the ship

An early version of the “Shipbuilder” installation:

Magic wall work in progress: