Website by Rosa Hernandez


Web design for the “Alene og Sammen” (Alone and Together) project, in which a group of third-graders learned about music and musicality around the theme “Being Alone and Together”.

The students were inspired by several iconic percussion compositions and together they listened, interpreted, composed and performed through various workshops and activities. They explored what instruments and music is and what it can be. They experienced the joy of creating and composing both alone and together. The students worked on a performance based on Morton Feldman’s “The King of Denmark” which they played live for parents and siblings in a concert in 2015.

In addition to the website I made some interactive instrument illustrations based on student’s drawings where you can touch and play on the website some of the instruments the students used in the performance.

I also made the motion graphics and video editing for the trailer that is shown on the home page.

You can check out the website here.


Developed in collaboration with Guillermo Arrioja (web implementation).

Client: Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norwegian Academy of Music.

My role: workshop facilitator, user interaction, user experience, web design, video editing and animation.

Through the looking glass
Be water