stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Out-googling Google

“One day we had a conversation where we figured out we could just try to predict the stock market. And then we decided it was illegal. So we stopped doing that.” –Eric Schmidt* What does the internet look like? We’ve all seen the blue hologram-like mazes representing the “information super highway”. As much as vfx artists…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Shadow Genie light tests

I took some pictures playing around with the colored filters for the Shadow Genie installation. Here are a couple of them:      

Bridge Design Collaboration exhibition

Stardust got selected for the Bridge Design Collaboration Exhibition at DogA, The Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture. At this exhibition, selected projects from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and the Architecture and Design School of Oslo (AHO) were showcased during the whole summer. I was happy to participate among fellow designers. The exhibition…


Finally: the end of year show! It was a great summer day, with friends and family (my parents flew in from Mexico) and with the project finally for people to experience. Here is a description of my project from Khio’s publication. The invite for the end of year show. My Master’s project, Stardust: The Stardust…

Stardust: mirrors

After completing the screen-tests, I had an idea of what type of visual language to use. Before I continued developing the software, I tested the stating images but without a screen this time. I projected them at the participant’s body directly. When I did this, I noticed something very important for the whole experience. the…
stereoscopica - rosa hernandez

Pixels for the People

Pixels for the People What if the animation you create could be seen not only on your smart phone or tablet, but jump in real time to the screen next to you? What if the animation could inhabit and jump in all the screens in a room, at once? Seb Lee-Delisle (a creative coder, speaker and…