Universal Everything

*Sigh*. Matt Pyke’s studio, Universal Everything is an attic in a house in England. And through sharing, it is also a massively creative studio, that works with digital art and design. Even that is an understatement. They blend art, animation, design, user experience, interior architecture, technology, sound design… and come up with something that in spite of being complex in production, has a clean, simple concept, and feels organic, in a way. I think that they make the intangible possible, seamless, and with the highest quality I can imagine.

They re-branded MTV and made it interesting again (when it was flooded by reality “stars”), they have made installations for Deutsche Bank, Chanel, V&A and the identity for the 2012 London Olympics among other very cool stuff.

My particular favorite is the sound sculptures Advanced Beauty. The sound design is amazing, and I just had to have it!

I also love the Furry guys from the exhibition Super-Computer-Romantics.

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