Stereoscopica: Rosa Hernandez, multidisciplinary designer in Oslo, Norway


I designed a book for my MA dissertation, entitled Through the Looking Glass. I found a parallel story in my own venture into unknown territories as a graphic designer exploring interaction beyond the screen, to Alice in Wonderland. This is why at the beginning of each chapter there’s a quote from the story in the form of a visual metaphor. These relate to the content in each chapter and help move the story forward visually: from curiosity in magic to the world beyond the glass.

I used emergent technology in the design and production of the book itself; laser-cut type for the chapter pages, different types of paper and engraved titles using the laser cutter. I also hand-pricked pin-holes in some pages as stars.

I considered this strategy appropriate for my project because it creates a different experience at the turn of each page, and brings forth a tactile quality, linked to presence which is a key element in creating enchanting experiences with design and technology.

You can read the complete thesis here, or you can scroll down below.