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blog_header_experimentsI wrote about my journey in the MA, as well as my pilot projects and final piece, for my MA dissertation. I decided to call it “Through the looking glass: creating enchanting experiences through design and emergent technology”. The reason I used “Through the Looking Glass” in the title is because through reflecting on what I’ve done the past two years, I discovered similarities between what I was exploring and what Alice (from Lewis Carroll’s tale) went through, as she traversed the mirror, or looking glass. This is also something I addressed in my final project itself: going through the “looking glass” of screens and into an embodied type of interaction.

In each of the chapters of my dissertation, I quoted an excerpt from Alice in Wonderland, that reflected what I was writing about as the story progressed. I also used visual storytelling in my dissertation in the form of visual metaphors in the design and layout of each chapter openers.

In addition to writing the dissertation, I also designed the book for it. It was a very fun process, although I realized I spent days writing stuff I would delete after. Good writing is re-writing they say.

Here are some photographs of the process, starting with the writing bit (sometimes I feel more organized when I have a messy desk and my stationery around).

DSC07714Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 3.53.40 PMDSC07687DSC07683firma 2



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Through the looking glass: layout design process

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