Stardust II

After the conceptualization part of the process, I started to visualize the installation. I created the following model using animation + projection mapping of how Stardust would look and feel.

I also did visual research and found the project Delicate Boundaries by Chris Sugrue beautiful and inspiring. The work by Yayoi Kusama was an inspiration as well (mirrors!) and the work from Louie Fuller to Klaus Obermaier, Memo Akten, etc. I found to be inspiring and to evoke what I try to learn in this student project: to make poems not demos (Zach Lieberman).

To create the system for the installation I started to play with openFrameworks. At this stage of the process I used a screen with the file I made using addons and adding code myself (the addons used were ofxOpenNI, ofxKinect). I tested different visualizations of the stardust, and payed attention to people’s reaction and interaction with the system. The final implementation however, would have no screens but projected stardust on the body. I did tests using an animation to test the setup: how to place the projector, the problems of not having a way of seeing yourself with the stardust on (I solved this by placing normal mirrors on the side of participants). Of course, every implementation/step further brought a new set of things to deal with. For instance, once I had the mirrors, then the light bounced too harshly and needed to find the right angle and light conditions in the room. But as they say, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature!



20130315_007420130315_004720130405_016920130405_0173A huge thanks to Juraj and Nilhan who helped me in this stage of the project exploring the visual research of the stardust, moving and playing around 🙂

Testing with projection on body and mirror reflections

20130405_021920130407_001420130405_024720130407_0086Thanks to XueTing and Eirik for their lovely help posing in front of blinding lights! After this stage, I decided what was best in terms of setup, and then went on to (little by little) code to make the system work. I implemented a flocking system based on s737 boids, and tweaked it to get the stardust look like in the photographs I took (last post). Then went on to work (a lot) on the passing back and forth part (tag), for it to be presentable for the end of year show.  Lots of work left to do!

firma 2

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