Sketchbook project

Here I’ll be posting ideas, sketches and thoughts as I ramble on paper and ink. 

As part of my process and research, I’m trying to keep organized by having different notebooks: an everyday, passport-sized notebook that I carry around and write down ideas on the go like thoughts sparked by discussions and just everyday stuff. For visual research (in addition to my bookmarks online) my paper clippings and images I find inspiring are kept in another small (A5-ish) notebook, and I have another sketchbook for ideas that I want to develop, sketches, etc.

On top of this, I decided to join the Sketchbook Project. For this project, you sign up (pay a small fee) and have a sketchbook delivered to you. You have a deadline to fill it up with your work, ideas, sketches, etc. as long as it’s new work and you limit yourself to the format. Then, you send your sketchbook back, and at least a spread will be published in a book collecting sketchbooks from all around the world, and the actual sketchbook will be displayed and used for reference in the Brooklyn Art Library.

You also have to choose a “theme”, and the one I picked was Create and Capture. I want to link this to my MA project, so that the ideas I have for interaction or AR can have another output in this venture. It’s good to have a fixed deadline for sending it back, and it is motivating, yet the usual scare of the blank page kicks in.

Hopefully I will have some pages to show soon!

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