Sketchbook Project: Done!

It’s like a road trip, but with sketchbooks.

Finally! I enrolled into The Sketchbook Project as part of my design process for my MA project. I found it motivating to have a blank page, a theme and a deadline. I tried to fill in the sketchbook with ideas/concepts/visual material about emergence, reality, technology and design. It also ended up being a personal reflection, a place where I put down how I was feeling or what was going on in my mind, both in my project as in my life.

There is also something beautiful about creating something with care, and something intimate as an sketchbook, and then letting it go. (The Sketchbooks are kept on Brooklyn’s Library, and then go on tour in different cities).

It was reassuring to have the images flood the page again.

I loved the process and I got some cool, odd starts. (And yeah, I posted it a minute before closing time at the post, on the last day. Typical 😉 )

Here are some of the spreads:


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