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Recap: Visual Essay


Here’s a look back of last semester’s projects. During the next few days, I will be posting previous workshops and projects. All of them were very inspiring, and I am still reflecting and creating little pieces of work from some of them.

Visual Essay

The wonderful Vicky Woolhead gave us a photography workshop. She guided us throughout a whole week: from shooting at the studio, to visual story-telling.

I decided to do a visual essay that could stand as a window into our relationship with technology, going in and out of everyday life.

Part of the process: printing out thumbnails to easily edit what goes together and toss out what’s not working. It is WAY faster than doing it on the computer!


Visual Essay

(short version)

All images are a collection of photographs from documentary photography books and photographer’s websites: Robert Frank, Ansel Adams, Philip DiLorca, Nakahira Takuma, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lee Friedlander, Kander, Time Life’s Documentary Photography, Andy Goldsworthy, Greg White, Salgado, Pommier and Suhimoto. 


Visual Essay

(full version)

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