Recap: Project Re-write


Project Re-write

The new tools, reference points and knowledge that has been planted in me since my arrival at Khio have changed the core of my MA project. A lot has been re-defined and explored, more so in the aspect of process, social responsivity and design thinking (the workshop held by Hellicar&Lewis was extremely eye-opening–thanks Maz, Pete and Joel, but more about those awesome two days later on).

My project needed a re-write, and to do so, a week-long process of redefining ideas, brainstorming, mind-mapping, typing and scribbling away took place. I went around the paths of experience, users, multi-sensory, storytelling, being in the moment to arrive to the destination that my project embodies: create a multi-sensory experience that leaves you focusing on the here and now.

Other tools that were useful: ACTOR chart (T.Barth), compressing our project on a A5 flyer (text also shown below), and de-compressing it on the proper rewrite, and project timeline.

It is quite draining to spend a whole week searching your brain to find out what you really want to tell, and putting it down in writing, but as the week rolled-up I felt very satisfied with re-routing the course of my project!

Process, process, process…


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