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Communication Week

Anders Hofgaard and Serge Rompza, from NODE Berlin gave us a one week workshop on publishing and communication. We presented what our projects are about, and also learned the importance of getting our work out there. Hence this blog! Although, I have to admit, this blog wasn’t so active back in November… Serge and Anders gave us tips and inspired us with their work. The workshop was even up on their site!

I thought that to present my project, aside from the slide presentation, I wanted my mates to experience a teensy bit of what Augmented Reality is. So I gathered a few examples currently online, like Island, Gorillaz’ album that has an AR application on their site, or another from Toyota. What I wanted to achieve was for people in the room to see and experience what I have been talking yet haven’t showed physically. I printed the AR markers and placed them in pieces of cardboard, and had downloaded the software to have the demo ready for the presentation. (Note to self: have lights on so the markers can be properly tracked).

At presentation time, I deliberately captured my classmates’ expressions. I wasn’t interested in recording the projector screen with an AR demo (there are plenty of those on youtube). What I was interested in, was in seeing my friends’ reaction the first time they saw something like this. Would they like it? Would they interact in some funny way? Would they throw the markers down?

Thanks to Qi, Shasha and Nilhan for participating! And Serge and Anders for their inspiration and work 🙂

Gorillaz’ site

Toyota IQ Augmented Reality

NODE Berlin



NODE Berlin’s site:



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