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At KHiO we had the chance to have a workshop with Annegrete –AG– Mølhave. Her expertise in design processes, communication and research helped us find the root of what we want to explore in our MA project. We did different exercises: writing without thinking about it, mind-mapping and idea development asking ourselves what if?

I don’t know how she did it, but she pushed us, rather exprimir us until the project revealed itself. After these intense exercises, I came up with the following words:


AG helped me discover what I really want to explore in my project. Sometimes you need someone who will just push you and force you into express what is deep inside, what you didn’t even know you were interested in.

I also found these questions sprouted out of my mind:

How does one touches someone’s heart through design?

How does touch affect the way we experience the world?

Who plays with the roles of users and experiences through touch and animation?

What is a touching experience?

How can I challenge the limitations of design experiences?

How can I design a touching experience?

What if touch-experiences where like a memory bank?

What if many people, in different places of the world could live the same touching experience at the same time?

I felt like a box of possibilities opened, and AG showed me how to use the key.

A few last thoughts…

  • Deep connection in the present moment.
  • After figuring out what, I need to focus on the HOW.
  • Real passion doesn’t need reminders.



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