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Pixels for the People

Pixels for the People

What if the animation you create could be seen not only on your smart phone or tablet, but jump in real time to the screen next to you? What if the animation could inhabit and jump in all the screens in a room, at once? Seb Lee-Delisle (a creative coder, speaker and teacher) did just this. He specializes in bringing people together through large-scale installations. His project, Pixels fro the People, turns each phone in the audience into pixels in a larger display. It runs in the phones’ browser so there is no need to download/install an app. (Brilliant.)

It was built with openFrameworks. Seb made a game where a cat animation runs from screen to screen, and whoever catches him fastest wins!

Engagement. Synchronicity. Unexpectedness. Surprise. Unity. Openness. Awareness. Fun.  All of these attributes encompass this wonderful project, bringing people together, and showing possibilities for using our gadgets collaboratively, allowing the content to really flow from display to display, and giving an alternative to the isolation of only looking at your own phone screen.


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