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Neuromancer book cover re-design, as part of a look back on the projects I’ve done this year so far, during and after the MA. 

On my trip to London last year, I picked up a copy of Some thoughts on the Common Toad, by George Orwell. The cover was beautiful and I decided to bring it back as a present to my (then) teacher and friend Maziar. When he got it, he mentioned it was designed by David Pearson, a wonderful designer from Penguin. David is a great designer in contemporary graphic design, and we were lucky to have him earlier this year at Khio, giving a workshop on book cover re-design.

I participated in this workshop, and the task was to re-design the cover of a book we liked. We started by selecting a genre and doing visual research of the existing book  covers within that genre. Afterwards, we sketched ideas and started to create mock-ups of our re-design. This process was guided by David, and he also showed us his latest work, inspiration and love for letters, books and type as image. We continued into the final design of our book cover, and presented to the whole group in the end. David’s perspective and critique was really helpful, and it was a pleasure to have him over. He also gave a talk at Grafill during his stay in Oslo, showing his work and talking about his process.

The book I chose was a personal favorite: Neuromancer, by William Gibson. Sci-fi book covers from the 60’s and early 70’s are gorgeous: there is a tactile quality in them. As I did visual research, I found that this could not be said from sci-fi book covers from the 80’s, and I thought this was an area of opportunity I could explore in this workshop. I created a book cover creating a texture and pattern made from a circuit board motif. The title of the book emerges from this pattern, both for the cover and for the spine. I created paper versions of it (paperback), but I wanted to push it forward, so I used the laser cutter to engrave and cut the design on book cloth. After that, I explored options with neon paper underneath, and finally, with LED’s (LED wallpaper would be wonderful, as a first layer of the book cover). I had a lot of fun creating this re-desing, and loved to have David with us!

You can also check out this project in my website here!


neurorefsVisual research

neuro_sketch1Initial ideas, concept exploration

neuro_process_1Process: sketches for the layout

neuro_process_2neuro_process_3neuro_process_davidDavid at the crit.

Paperback version 

neuro_2bneuro_2c5 y 6_neuroSecond paperback version.

7_neuro8_neuroBefore and after, front cover.

9_neuroBefore and after, back cover.

neuro_1The book in context.

neuro_3Playing with the laser cutter!

neuro_4_paperExplorations with neon paper underneath the book cloth.

4_neuroneuro_3_aWith LEDs underneath the book cloth.

1_neuro2_neuro3_neuroneuro_3_allThe whole layout.

neuro_david2David Pearson at Grafill.

neuro_david1The book cover that started my interest in David’s work. 

firma 2

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