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I’ve been thinking on what got me to this Master’s in the first place. Why did I propose the project I did, and I have spent the last two years experimenting, researching and reaching out of my comfort zone. (These thoughts also come back when I’m in need of motivation).

The reason I wanted to look into emergent tools, the bridging of design (or art) and technology, of the real and the virtual, was to make people feel something. And to make me feel something new, or to perceive things in a new way as I created or designed. I realized that what I enjoyed the most about designing or making some motion graphics, was seeing things change as I manipulated them, rather than pressing play to start the render.

I want others to experience that moment of creation, anticipation and excitement. Co-creation and interaction, then, became my interest. My curiosity focused on building these situations where people can engage with technology and design and have a surprising moment; a magical one.

What I am talking about here has to do with an experience rather than an object, so part of my MA has been dedicated on working towards the process of making this wondrous experience happen. To do so I have been using my skills as a graphic designer, but also learned some new ones along the way. Let’s say that I was willing to look behind the curtain.

I want to share my pilot projects and what has led me to pursue them. I want to talk about the mentorship, interviews, study trips, experiments, small victories, rants and failures that have come along the way with them too.

My pilot projects are Alice Games, Aurora Borealis, AR Hockey, and the one I’m currently working on is Stardust, a sort of digital tag. These experiments are knit with the exploration of tactility, presence, openness, play, enhancement and enchantment.

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