Note & Sketch

Sketchbook Project: Done!

It’s like a road trip, but with sketchbooks. Finally! I enrolled into The Sketchbook Project as part of my design process for my MA project. I found it motivating to have a blank page, a theme and a deadline. I tried to fill in the sketchbook with ideas/concepts/visual material about emergence, reality, technology and design.…

The Idea Book

In the creative process, it helps me a lot to put things down on paper. As I previously wrote, I have made different categories for notebooks to organize my visual research, as well as ideas and thoughts. Here is something from the “idea book”. Hope to fill it up!  

Quick Response

Quick (and dirty) Response Codes We had an hour for workshop time, and we decided to talk/explore Håvard’s project. His project is about multi-sensory storytelling, and blending his awesome illustrations with digital content, to show different parts/perspectives/characters of the story, play with the medium itself (book), exploring space and depth of characters through this different…

Sketchbook project

Here I’ll be posting ideas, sketches and thoughts as I ramble on paper and ink.  As part of my process and research, I’m trying to keep organized by having different notebooks: an everyday, passport-sized notebook that I carry around and write down ideas on the go like thoughts sparked by discussions and just everyday stuff.…