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This  last week was student-week, or fellesuke. I enrolled in the laser cut course. It was a-mazing! You need basic Illustrator skills, and how to operate the settings in the laser-cutter. Then, send it to print and the laser either cuts or engraves, according to the line outline and color.

The interesting part is finding materials to cut. I was looking for something very tactile, like wood and cardboard. Also, I tried lasering up an encyclopedia I had in hand.

The process is very analog, in the sense that I thought about the physical qualities of the materials first: the tactility, weight, color, scale. Then, through this machine, you can create something in seconds, that gives it another dimension: something you can hold in your hands, with a clear-cut finish, and a very nice burning smell.

Here is a show and tell on Day 1 from Ane and Christian, from the MA2. They have used laser-cutting as another tool in their work.  Their blog is here and here.


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